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Service overview

Software and web development is also part of our standard services.

On the one hand, we develop interfaces to automation technology such as user interfaces. On the other hand, we also offer pure software solutions. Our experienced high-level language developers are happy to take on your project.

In addition, own software projects (such as our restaurant app “Mesero”) are under development.

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Mesero is our in-house developed solution for restaurants and their guests. It is thought as an fast and easy way for the guests to make orders at restaurants. For the restaurant owners it can reduce the staff workload and the costs.

We developed a mobile application for restaurant guests to see the menu and to order from it. The app also has the feature to make reservations. The orders are sent to the web panel that we created for the restaurant. This panel has different tabs to manage the tables, the orders etc. and it can be accessed by using any browser.

It will be introduced to restaurants soon.

Used technologies:

Battery charging strategy manager

The customer creates automated guided vehicles that transport loads from one place to another completely automatically. These machines run on batteries and whenever one is empty it will drive itself to the charging station to be recharged.

We have developed a software for overseeing and managing this process. This is written as a web application so it can be accessed from anywhere.

At the frontend side, there is a dashboard for monitoring and altering the charging process.

At the backend side there are complex algorithms for determining which vehicle will be charged, when it will be charged, and which station will charge which vehicle.

We also created a testing environment which simulates those AGVs to test the application before it is used in the production environment.

Used technologies:

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