Automation and
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Service overview

From the beginning until today: Our main field of work is automation and control engineering.

Our projects range from small control tasks in home automation to large production plants. We can do everything from electrical planning, controller design, programming and commissioning to the creation of safety concepts.
We can also use sensor data analysis to avoid problems or optimize your machines.​

Noteworthy references

Thermal cutting machine

This customer is a global supplier of cutting-edge solutions for the metal-working industry.

In this agile project we are developing communication and control APIs for new tools, features and sub-system that are developed by the customer’s R&D departments.

So far, we have implemented sub-systems such as Laser Nozzle Control, inkjet printers and automated spacing of the configured non-driven carriages. We are also involved in the testing and the commissioning of these sub-systems and give detailed documentation about the PLC software/system configuration.

Used technologies:

Battery assembly line

This customer is a global car/truck battery manufacturer. In this project our team was responsible for developing and commissioning of the entire PLC and the robot programs for a battery assembly line according to the customer’s request. The plant is designed to assembly a battery module from 600 cylindrical batteries.

In the automation part, we developed several Siemens Safety PLCs and Siemens Comfort Panels.

This was a large project, so you can find more information about the robot programming technologies on the robot programming page.

Used technologies:

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