Robot programming

Service overview

An important aspect of modern automation technology is the programming of robots.

Here, we combine pure kinematics with experience from the development of large software projects to achieve sustainable solutions for you.

For example, the sequence of a robot program can be designed and modularized in such a way that in the end an electrician only has to adjust the configuration settings to use the same robot with the same software for different machines.

Our expertise is versatile and ranges from small grippers to larger robot systems.

Noteworthy reference

Battery module assembly line

This customer is a global car/truck battery manufacturer. In this project our team was responsible for developing and commissioning of the entire PLC and the robot programs for a battery assembly line according to the customer’s request. The plant is designed to assembly a battery module from 600 cylindrical batteries.

In the robot programming part, we worked with teachpendants and several KUKA robots.

This was a large project, so you can find more information about the automation technologies on the automation and control technology page.

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